Monday, May 19, 2014

Asking For It is Live on Amazon!

Woo-hoo! The Amazon gods have deemed me worthy and turned my draft into a real live book! (Or short story, as the case may be.) Asking For It is now available on Amazon!

Michael is desperate for a spanking. Wants to feel his boyfriend's strong arms pull him down over his knee. Wants Nick to punish him and tell him what a bad boy he's been. But he doesn't want to ask for it. Instead, he just keeps pushing Nick's buttons, doing everything he can to make him angry.

When Nick realizes what Michael's been doing, he’s not amused. Michael’s going to get exactly what he's been asking for. And so much more...

This 5000 word short story contains erotic punishment spanking and explicit sex between two hot, angsty men.


* * *
Michael’s stomach turned ice cold a moment later, when Nick's rough hand grasped his waistband. His throat tightened, his mouth went dry, his temperature rose when he yanked his pants down, and he was suddenly half naked in the kitchen, exposed in more ways than he would have thought possible. Cold air breezed over his bare skin, and a shiver swept through him, coursing from his toes through the top of his scalp.

Nick layered his hard, hot body over him, palms flat on the table on either side, pinning him down as he leaned closer and closer. His breath was hot against his neck, moist against his ear. His voice dark, but soft when he finally spoke. Jesus, that voice. Heavier and thicker than sound had a right to be. 

 “I am really fucking sick of the way you’ve been acting. And I’m going to spank your ass like I should have done a long time ago. You smug. Little. Brat.”

* * *

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