Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Release in a Brand New Series! Benched #1: Rookie Mistake

New Release Day! Hurrah! Benched #1: Rookie Mistake is now available!

Since by beloved Red Sox are totally tanking the season, I had to take it upon myself to start a baseball story of my own. If you're not so much a sports fan, don't worry, there's plenty of college/sex/angst/spanking included. But, I do love baseball, so some of that too. ;)

Benched #1: Rookie Mistake is something new for me-- a series! Everyone seems to define series a little differently, so I'll just tell you what it means to me from the get go. I'm writing them in order, to read to order. Feel free to read them out of order if you like, if you like everything in your life to be all Memonto-ish, but it's not intended to go that way. Each episode will be a full story, not randomly chopped up pieces of a novel, but they'll link together like a narrative tv show. Also, I'm not saying there will never be a cliffhanger, but #1 doesn't end with one.  So! Now that that's out of the way:

Kyle Kelley is a center fielder with an ego as big as his potential. He’s always been the star of his team, the star of his school, the star of his town. But he’s finding out college is different.

Coach Mackey is gorgeous, but wow, what a jerk. He doesn’t seem to appreciate just how lucky he is to have someone like Kyle on his team. He accuses him of slacking off at practice, expects him to follow every stupid rule, and benches him during a game, just for mouthing off.

When his teammates warn him the coach has an interesting way of disciplining rookies with bad attitudes, Kyle thinks it sounds too good to be true. Until Mackey calls him into his office and gives him a choice. He can get cut from the team, or he can learn to behave. The old fashioned way.

This 8500 word M/M story includes college baseball, locker rooms, sexual situations, and an over the knee spanking of an arrogant ballplayer by his no-nonsense coach.

* * *
Kyle’s hands shook as he closed his eyes and slowly lowered his uniform down to his thighs. He’d never been so thankful for his cup in his life, not even the time he’d gotten hit square in the junk during an ugly slide into third. Yeah, it had saved him then, but it was doing an even better job now. 

He was harder than he’d even known was possible, but his cock was trapped painfully in place by the curved piece of plastic, instead of tenting out the front of his underwear and showing Mackey how much he wanted this.
He knew the elastic straps of his jock framed out his ass like a target, curving around the tops of his cheeks and the backs of his thighs. He wasn’t the only guy on the team who went commando under his jockstrap. But he was the only one about to get spanked that way.
 * * *  

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