Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Release! Benched #2: Double Play

Benched #2: Double Play is now available!

Double Play picks up after Benched #1: Rookie Mistake. It's twice as long as part one, which means three times the spankings. This isn't math class, people, I do what I like. No rules! More spankings!

Enjoy the weekend, allstars!

After a stern lecture and a hard spanking, Kyle has managed to stay out of trouble with Coach Mackey for two weeks. Two long weeks of desperately wanting to be put back over his knee. He can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t study— and Mackey acts like the whole thing never happened. Kyle feels like he’s losing his mind.

When he blurts out the whole story to his gorgeous teammate Juno, he never expects Juno to make a confession of his own. It turns out Mackey isn’t the only one who thinks Kyle needs a good spanking. And Juno can think of a few other things he’d like to do to him too.

Things are about to get a lot more complicated in BENCHED #2: DOUBLE PLAY.

 * * * 
“Drink your water.” Juno said softly. “You don’t wanna be hungover.”
“I’m not drunk.”
“You like to argue, don’t you.”
It wasn’t even a question. They both knew he couldn’t be told anything without talking back. Everyone on the planet knew that. “I guess.”
Juno took the water from him, cracked it open, and handed it back, wrapping his fingers around Kyle’s as he put the bottle in his hands. Kyle finally took a drink, and Juno rested a hand on his knee.
“Would you really… what you said at The Circle. Were you kidding?”
“Which part?”
“You know which part.”
“About spanking you?
Kyle nodded, his tongue sneaking out from between his lips.
“I’d put you over my knee in a heartbeat. However you like it. I’d do anything you fucking wanted.”
Juno snorted and shook his head. “I don’t even know. There’s something about you… I just wanna eat you up, rook.” 

 * * *
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