Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm on Tumblr, yo!

Okay, so, remember how I was whining about my mostly dead laptop?

No, not this time, Billy. I only keep saying mostly dead because I'm in denial. I'm like one of those people who stuffs their dead cat and leaves it in a basket in the living room. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Sniff. Single tear. Poor laptop. I've had it since college, which makes it the longest relationship I've ever had. 

Well, guess what fell into my lap this week! A new (old) computer! A woman at work, who remembered hearing me complain, (whining-- not just exclusive to the blog) offered me her ten your old son's laptop that they were going to THROW AWAY because he was UPGRADING TO AN IPAD. Yeah. I'll let that sink in a minute. Ten-year-old. Who needs to upgrade to an ipad. Just an FYI, my mostly dead laptop is ELEVEN.

So, yeah. While I kind of hate the kid for living a better life than me, I took the hand me down laptop, since my future smutwriting career is way more important than my pride. Yay! To be fair to the spoiled kid, it's no ipad. There's almost no difference between an 11 year old computer and a 6 year old computer. Well, except the fact that this one works! So, hurrah! No more trying to write on my phone. Yikes. (Kid probably has an iphone.)

While I'm still mourning the old computer, I'm having seriously way too much fun with the idea that I'm corrupting this new laptop, taking it from its lazy suburban life of watching Thomas the tank engine videos and searching ebay for rare Pokemon cards, and introducing it to a life of smut. Hopefully, it likes gay porn.

Speaking of a life of smut (and gay porn).

I'm on tumblr now! I've been hanging around tumblr for a long time, because, I mean, hello, the place is filled with guy on guy spanking pics. Fantastic for ahem, inspiration. And, you know, probably a great place for looking at pictures of kittens and cupcake recipes, if you're into that stuff. #pervert

Anyway, now I'm officially there. If you're a tumblrer or tumblrette, lets tumbl together! I'm here: Obviously, I'm likely to never be safe for work. Unless you work somewhere awesome!

That even ties in to my goal for August, which is to actually join one or two of the places I lurk like a creeper. Tumblr, done!
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