Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Release Day! Benched #4: Scoring Position is LIVE!

Hurrah! I'm so psyched to tell you all that Benched #4: Scoring Position* is live and available on Amazon! Clocking in around 75 pages, it's a little bit of a monster-- just like Kyle. If you're enjoying the series as much as I enjoy writing it, I hope you'll go grab it and see what the guys are up to.

*For those of you following along closely, yes, there's been a title change. Turns out, this one just fit better...

Available on Amazon, FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

When Mackey finds out about Kyle's drunken bar fight, Kyle is sure he's finally going to feel the sting of his coach's paddle-- and he's not completely dreading it. There's only one problem. Juno isn't about to let that happen.
He's ready to be Kyle's full time disciplinarian, no matter what it takes, and he doesn't want Mackey anywhere near his misbehaving boyfriend. But what Juno proposes takes Kyle completely by surprise.
And Kyle has a few surprises of his own...
Big decisions, dirty secrets, sexy spankings, and more than a little hot gay jock action are waiting for you in BENCHED #4: SCORING POSITION.

* * *
Juno stroked the paddle slowly down the front of his body, teasing the edge across his stomach, then turning it flat to rub it over the bulge in his jeans. Kyle dropped his head, swaying slightly on his feet as he rocked into the touch.
“You know what happens to liars?” Juno asked him, his voice low and playful as he drew out the words.
“Take a guess.”
Kyle swallowed hard. Which was ridiculous, because they’d done this already, he knew how this went, except every time it was a little different. Every time, he seemed to get turned on a little more, because Juno tweaked and pushed and played with him, zoning in on perfection.
“They get spanked?” he asked, his face burning.
“That’s a good guess. But not quite. They get paddled. And I promise you, that’s much different.”
* * *

And now, just because I love you guys, a little baseball deliciousness. I fucking love jocks.