Sunday, October 5, 2014

Smart Boy: A New Release with AJ Sisko!

Guys! I've jumped into bed with AJ Sisko! I don't mean literally, of course... or do I? (Wink, wink, nudge nudge.) I'm talking about a collaboration of dirty minds. Our new story, Smart Boy, is available now! It's hot, fun, and I'm loving the cover so much. Today is a great day over here-- hope it is wherever you are!

Damon Price is obnoxious, aggressive, and flat out gorgeous. There's nothing Josh wants more than a first time with someone dark and dangerous like him. But Damon doesn't know he exists.

That changes when Josh makes him look stupid in front of their college English class. Suddenly, Damon knows exactly who he is-- the smartest boy in school who needs to be taught some tough lessons. And inexperienced Josh is extremely eager to learn.

The sizzling story of a gay college student's first encounter with a more experienced man. Includes showering, spanking, bondage, humiliation, and unauthorized use of bunk beds and tube socks.

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Enjoy this Smart Boy Sneak Peek!

* * *
Rumor had it there was a bathroom in the science building where Damon Price took unsuspecting college freshmen and taught them the joys of being fucked in the ass. I didn’t buy that. He didn’t seem like a guy who’d set foot in a science classroom, let alone a science building. And anyway, who really did stuff like that, except for in porn? But that didn’t keep me from checking it out, maybe a few times a week, maybe lounging oh so casually against the wall, looking as much like an unsuspecting college freshman as I possibly could manage.
That was how I wanted my first time to be. Forceful. Rough. Unforgiving. I wanted to be seduced by a guy who didn’t give a shit and wouldn’t call me in the morning. Who’d leave me used and dirty and feeling like a hungry slut with a gaping ass. A shrink would probably have a lot to say about that. But luckily, I never saw a shrink.
Damon wasn’t a jock exactly, but he was tall with lots of taut, tan skin and tight, round muscles. He wore ancient tshirts— featuring even more ancient bands— that were skintight and faded and practically see through. He didn’t look especially dangerous, unless you knew what you were looking for. Having grown up a scrawny kid, I knew the kind of guys to give a wide berth. He was one of them. He was exactly the kind of guy I liked.
We had one class together, English, and I sat close enough to get a good view of him, and far enough away so I could spend the hour staring at him without him noticing. He usually spent the time sleeping, or gnawing on pens I imagined were my cock.
I was a freshman, and he was a junior, so the fact that we were both in the same English class most likely meant that he was stupid. Which was fine with me. I wasn’t interested in his mind. Not that it mattered what I was interested in, since he didn’t know I existed. Until the day I acted like a total dick and finally got his attention.
It was an accident. I mean, it was and it wasn’t. I kind of am a total dick sometimes. Especially when I’m bored and tired and horny like I was that day.
On Fridays, we always went over essays. The professor would put a couple up on the overhead projector, and we’d read through them together and comment. He called it practical application. It seemed more like torture to most of the people in class.
The one he pulled up that day was especially bad. Clearly no spell check, barely coherent sentences, something about guitar tabs that made no sense to me at all. When the professor asked for my feedback, I laughed.
“Commas aren’t random,” I finally said. “You don’t just throw them at a paper like darts.”
“Maybe you could phrase that in a more constructive way,” he suggested.
“Whoever wrote this could probably benefit from some basic English skills. More basic than English 101. If that’s a thing.”
I told you I was a dick.
I didn’t put two and two together until class was over. I was screwing around on my phone and the last one to leave. I thought.
I looked up, startled, and saw Damon standing there, just a few feet away, closer that I’d ever dared to get to him.
There was expectation in his voice, like I was supposed to know why he was there, but all I could do was stare and try to keep from drooling as I watched the tendons in his arms pulse as he crossed them over his chest.
“You think I could benefit from some basic English skills?”
It words were purely conversational, but his voice implied more trouble than I could begin to imagine. I stiffened, in more ways than one, and stood up abruptly, grabbing my backpack and thinking seriously about bolting.
“Drop it.”
Jesus. I felt like I was being mugged. I dropped the bag without even thinking, the canvas hitting the carpet with a thud.
He stepped forward, gliding closer, like he was stalking me. “You think you’re smart?”
I swallowed, wondering where this was headed, hoping it was somewhere horrible and messy that ended with me on my knees. He was close enough now for me to smell him, some kind of spicy scent that made my nostrils flare, made me want to tear off his clothes and find out where it was coming from.
“Smart boy like you should know better than to hang around somewhere he doesn’t belong.”
There was no way, surely he hadn’t seen me, didn’t mean…
“For an English major, you spend an awful lot of time in the science building.”
“How do you know I’m an English major?” My voice sounded extremely loud, and I realized up until then, I hadn’t said a word.
“You’re not the only one that knows how to do homework.”
* * *

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