Friday, November 21, 2014

New Release: Smart Moves (Smart Boy 2) Free through November 23!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I've got a new release for you, and it's free through November 23rd!
(And available to borrow all the time, for those of you with Kindle Unlimited.)

Since the response to Smart Boy was so awesome, we've brought Josh and Damon back for another round of sexy times! Smart Moves is a sequel told from Damon's point of view, as he goes
after what he wants-- Josh!

After an unexpectedly hot and dirty night with his mouthy classmate, Damon can't get Josh out of his mind. He's annoyed, intrigued, maybe even a little obsessed with the obnoxious freshman and his hidden kinks. All the things Josh let him do, all the things he begged him to do...

When Josh stops showing up for class, Damon can't help himself. He has to track him down. And once he finds him working in the campus library, Damon decides that's the perfect place to find out just how willing Josh really is.

Being quiet in the library is going to be a hell of a challenge. 

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 * * *

     When I took a step toward him, he backed up instantly, his bravado wiped out as he licked his lips and got tangled up in his own shoes. Christ. As much trouble as he was turning out to be, I will say he was my type. Skinny but not scrawny, a lightweight you could throw around and pin down without feeling especially bad about it. Not to mention kinky as fuck.

I shoved him hard against the bookshelf, surprised when it barely moved. In the movies, I would have knocked that thing over like a string of dominoes, not that I’d been worried about that. I held him there with my hand wrapped loosely around his collarbone, rubbing my thumb over the skittering pulse in his neck, watching his eyes get wider and brighter. Then I kissed him. He didn’t expect it, and hell, I was half surprised myself. But god, he had some pretty lips. I’d been thinking about them for days, and I needed to suck and bite and lick and see if they were as soft and fat as I remembered.
They were.
I wrapped both hands around the back of his neck, pulling him closer and tangling my fingers through his hair as I sucked on his bottom lip. He tasted like candy, something sour and sugary that made me want to laugh. What grown man tasted like candy when you kissed him?
He leaned into me, and then pulled back, like he was on the fence about the whole thing. He couldn’t seem to figure out what to do with his hands, and fumbled around, his fingers slipping over book spines behind him. Finally, I gave him a sharp bite, and grabbed a wrist in each hand, pulling them up to pin them over his head. With one hand, I crushed them hard against the cold bite of the metal shelves until he whimpered in pain. Then I worked my other hand under the bottom of his shirt, sliding my palm over the hard, flat muscles in his stomach. He was more solid than I remembered, in damn good shape, actually. I slid my fingers down his abs, down the front of his jeans, into front of his underwear, tickling the hard root of his cock until he moaned into my mouth.
I didn’t tower over him, I had him by 2 or 3 inches, but pinning his wrists and groping his cock in a public place gave me the power surge I’d been looking for, that rush I’d gotten that night in his dorm room when he let me do whatever the fuck I wanted to him. And I knew exactly what I wanted this time.
I let go of his wrists, and used both hands to unbutton his jeans, sliding the zipper down before he even knew what was happening. He caught up a few seconds later, letting his arms fall to his sides, but not pushing me away.
“What are you doing?” he hissed.
I glared at him, my cock jerking hungrily inside my clothes when he glared back.
“Does it matter? You’re going to let me do it, aren’t you? You’re going to let me do whatever I want.”
 * * *


As always, thanks for reading! 

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Also, I know I'm a bit quiet these days on the social media front. (Really missing my dirty tumblr time and twitter gossip!) It's because I'm writing my ass off on some longer stories that I'm really excited about! So, have no fear, lots more M/M spanking on the horizon! ;)

Okay, stay warm, guys! (Smut helps, lol!)