Saturday, December 6, 2014

A New Release for the Holidays: Please Come at Home for Christmas

EDITED: 2/10/2017
Hey, Peeps! Thought I'd pop in and edit this old post, since I've recently noticed it's still getting quite a lot of traffic! Please Come at Home for Christmas is no longer available for purchase, but good news! If you'd like to read it, you can get it for free!

Just click here to go straight to the Instafreebie download link, or hop over to the Giveaways Page, where you can find all the current free stories, with links to download them. Super easy!

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Happy Reading!

Hey, everyone!
Well, it's December! Time to start thinking about candy canes and Christmas trees and dirty guys doing dirty things... Oh wait. that's every time of the year!
I have a holiday surprise for you all! I took a short break from writing my upcoming novella to write a dirty holiday story. Because the holidays are fun!  Please Come at Home for Christmas is out now!
It's a fun little Christmas story about what happens when two brand spanking new stepbrothers home from college are forced to decorate the family tree together. Does it help them bond? Maybe. Does it get downright dirty and a little taboo? You know it does!
Hope you enjoy it and have a very happy (and sexy) holiday season!

 Please Come at Home for Christmas
 With Brad and Rex both home from college, their first blended Christmas is looking less than merry. They barely know each other, definitely don't like each other, and aren't keen on spending the holidays under the same roof.

But, when they're forced to decorate the tree together, fighting turns to flirting, and they make good use of the Christmas decorations. Just not the uses they were intended for...

This lightly taboo M/M holiday story includes peppermint kisses in naughty places, bondage by tinsel, and a wicked wooden spoon that should never be used for baking cookies again! 

* * *

I’d never been spanked before, but I’d watched enough porn to know it was something I wanted to try. I’d never considered how hot it might be to be spanked by my older brother, but now that I had, fuck, yeah, sign me up.
I even kind of deserved it. What we were doing was really pretty far from okay. Maybe it wasn’t technically wrong, but it was all kinds of dirty.
He crooked a finger at me, and I walked to his side in a kind of daze. With my arms still bound behind me, I had no choice but to let him guide me down over his lap, spread across his hard muscled thighs.
We were the same size, close anyway, but he felt a hell of a lot larger when I was draped over his knees. His arm circled me loosely around my waist, while the top half of my body rested on the coffee table beside him, my heavy breathing fogging up the polished table top. My legs trailed out behind me, barely able to touch the floor the way he had me situated. I felt embarrassed, and surprisingly safe, and insanely fucking hot, all at once.
He fondled my ass, slid his finger up and down my crack, and I shoved my ass toward him, my body aching, begging to be filled, fingered, just fucking touched, but he pulled back.
“Now, now. Don’t be greedy. You know what happens to greedy, naughty boys. Don’t you?”
Fuck. I hadn’t actually imagined he’d wanted me to participate, but suddenly, it sounded like fun. Hell, I was already tied up and bent over his knee, and so turned on I wasn’t even embarrassed. Okay, a little embarrassed when I thought about it, but that just made it hotter.
“Santa doesn’t bring them any toys?”
He gave me a soft slap on the ass, and I jumped, the reality of the situation suddenly crystal clear. Rex was about to spank my bare ass in the middle of the living room. In front of the Christmas tree. Fuck, I’d never be able to see a tree again without thinking about this. I’d either severely fucked up Christmas, or made it way better.
“Naughty boys get punished.” He stroked his fingers from the top of my ass, down my cheeks to my thighs, swirling in circles as he moved back up. “This ass is just begging for it, too.”