Friday, January 9, 2015

New Release Day! Smart Mouth (Smart Boy 3)

I'm so super excited to announce the release of Smart Mouth, the third and final installment of the Smart Boy series! Part three brings us back around to Josh's perspective, and lets us see how much he's changed-- and how much he hasn't. ;) 

While it was a bit of a struggle to let go of Josh and Damon, AJ and I are really happy with how the story ended. (Although we're probably never going to agree on who our favorite character is!)

I hope you all enjoyed reading this series as much as we enjoyed writing it! Thanks so much to the readers who kept requesting a sequel to the first Smart Boy story-- we never actually intended for this to be a series at all, but we love how it turned out! 

Josh never intended for Damon to be anything more than a one night stand. But, after a second time in the library, things weren't quite as clear

Their third meeting is as hot and heavy as ever, but when Damon takes Josh back to his place, things take a turn he never expected. Tied up and teased, he can handle. But there are some things he’s just not ready for…

The third and final installment in the Smart Boy series is an 11,600 word story involving two sexy, stubborn, college students who dabble in bondage, spanking, dirty deeds in the dressing room, explicit sexual situations, and... talking to each other.

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* * *
I wandered over to the sofa, not sure what to do with myself. I really couldn’t figure out how the hell I’d ended up there. I mean, I was at his house. Surrounded by his things. Which pretty much meant he wasn’t a stranger anymore, and that made me furious. What had started as a one night stand had gotten way out of control. I sort of wanted to go home. At least, I wanted to want to.
And then his arms wrapped around me from behind, feeling so overwhelmingly good that it sent a spike of panic through me so hard it made my hands shake. His lips brushed over my neck, his teeth nibbling at my skin as he pulled me back against him, his cock fitting neatly up against my ass through our clothes. I clamped down on my tongue to keep from moaning, and ended up squealing instead.
He spun me around, pulling me in so tight I could feel his cock rub against mine through the layers of fabric. He cupped my ass in both hands, squeezing and groping, and I ground against him crazily. If I was fast enough, harsh enough, if I could make him be rough enough, I could block it all out, pretend I was fucking a stranger again.
“Slow down.” His voice was loud and sharp in my ear, and his fingers dug into me painfully as he forced my body to be still. “You in a rush to get somewhere?”
I swallowed hard. “Maybe.”
He shook his head. “I don’t think so.” He dropped his eyes and slid one hand slowly underneath my shirt, palming my stomach, his thumb teasing along the inside of my jeans. His touch was warm and firm and soft all at once, sent shivers through me that wrapped around my ribs and up my spine. His other hand slipped to my back, his fingers splayed across me, holding me in place as he unbuttoned my jeans, shoving them down to my knees. “You’re mine tonight.”

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