Saturday, January 31, 2015

Smart Boy Series Bundle and Updates

Hey, all! Hope January was a good month for you! Some shakeups at my day job made things pretty chaotic here as I went back to working fulltime+ hours. Definitely not how I was planning to start 2015, but hopefully it won't last much longer. In the meantime, I'm squeezing in as much writing time as possible-- I've even mostly abandoned twitter these days! Priorities, right?

Benched #5 is in the works, and like every installment so far, this one just keeps growing and growing. 22,000 words and counting at this point. It will definitely be a monster when done! Look for it in February-- it'll be announced here & everywhere else the second it's live. I know folks are waiting, so thanks for your patience. :)

I have lots of plans for 2015, and the day job might get in my way occasionally until I'm finally able to quit, but it won't stop me!

So, an update on the Smart Boy Series -- which is complete, if you missed the part 3 announcement! The whole series is now available as a complete 3 part collection. So, anyone who's been waiting to grab them all at once, you can now get the bundle here on Amazon!

Alright, I guess that's about it. Back to writing! Enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow, if you're a football fan. Or enjoy avoiding it you're a *sniff* still mourning Packers fan like me.