Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Release Day! BENCHED #5: GROUND RULES Joins the Lineup!

Helllooooo! *waves maniacally from way too much coffee and general insanity* Told you I'd be back!

And just like I promised,  Benched #5: Ground Rules is now officially live on Amazon! (See previous post to observe the publishing dance.) Have you missed Kyle and Juno? I know I have! To see how they're spending their time these days, you can pop on over and snap up Ground Rules for the new release price of just 99 cents! (Or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!)

Moving in with Juno is probably the stupidest thing Kyle has ever done. Or, maybe the best, he can't decide. Either way, the perks are incredible. As long as he behaves himself.

But, when the practice from hell leads to a complicated meeting with Mackey, and a call to home roughs up his already bruised ego, Kyle does what he does best to avoid thinking about it-- whatever the hell he wants.

It doesn't take long to find out what belonging to Juno really means. Rules aren't just for playing games. Sometimes they're serious.

Part 5 of the Benched series features erotic spankings, mild angst, tender moments, sarcastic pillow talk, explicit sexual situations between two hot gay college jocks, and further exploration of the desire for discipline. Get ready to learn the GROUND RULES!

Novella length, approx 25,000 words (100 pages)

Feel like a hot little excerpt? Me too! Let's do it :)

* * *
Juno backed off the bed, grabbing him by the hands and pulling him up onto his feet.
“What are you doing?”
“Punishing you.” Juno steered him across the room with a hand between his shoulder blades. “Up against the wall, brat,” he ordered, giving him a shove. Kyle put his palms out to brace himself against the wall, his heart pounding. This was new. And terrifying. And hot as hell not to know what was coming.
Still holding him in place, Juno’s right hand snaked around the front of his jeans, stroking his knuckles along his cock, just long enough to make him breathless before working his pants open and tugging them halfway down his thighs. Exposing him not completely, but enough to embarrass him. Enough to make the hot flush work down his shoulders and as he stood facing the wall, his cock straining so hard against the front of his shorts that his eyes were actually watering.
The soft breath against the back of his neck made him dizzy as Juno stood behind him, fencing him in, arms surrounding him like a cage, holding him against the wall without touching him. He needed more. Now. He hated being teased. Hated it. Hated it, no matter how his cock acted to the contrary. He pounded the heels of his palms against the wall in frustration until Juno grabbed them, lacing their fingers together as he layered his hands over Kyle’s, pressing them firmly to the wall.
“Shh. I know. Calm down.”
“Juno, stop. Stop teasing, please. I just want—”
Juno pulled his hands away from his and smacked the back of one leg, hard. Kyle jumped, shrieking in surprise, stomping his feet, his body trying to work the sting loose.
“It doesn’t matter what you want right now. I told you. You’re being punished.”

 * * *
Click here to read Benched #5: Ground Rules on Amazon!

Need to catch up? Parts 1-4 are only 99 cents each (or free with KU!) for a limited time! :)

The Benched Series is a continuing MM erom series that follows Kyle Kelley, a cocky college freshman, as he struggles with a baseball coach he thinks is way too tough, parents who have no clue who he is, a first love that takes him completely by surprise, and a newfound addiction to being spanked.