Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm Shit at Blogging, and You Guys are All Awesome

Hey, guess what? It's a blog post. No, really. 

Guys, I suck at blogging. I don't know why. I have good intentions, great intentions, like the most phenominal intentions you've ever seen. Seriously, don't stare directly at my intentions OR YOU WILL GO BLIND! But when it comes right down to it, if I'm going to be online, I usually just head over to twitter where I can converse in my native tongue of sarcasm, or tumblr, where I can speak the universal language of boy butts. 


So, this well intentioned blog kind of just became a place to announce new releases and catalog my stuff, and point anyone who was interested to all the other places they could find me, because really, who wants to hear about what I'm doing, anyway?

But lately, something kind of crazy has been happening.

A few weeks ago, I sent out a new release newsletter, announcing that Ground Rules (Benched #5) was finally live. AND SIXTEEN OF YOU WROTE ME BACK. As in, responded to that email with incredible, lovely, sweet, thoughtful emails of your own. Mind blown.

I have no clue if I said something in that newsletter that encouraged people to get in touch, or if it was just a crazy coincidence that everyone started talking to me at the same time, but whatever it was, guys, seriously. Seriously! I am so glad you did! I can't even tell you what it feels like to have someone take the time that they could use to do anything in the world, and choose to use it to write to me. I'm overwhelmed every single time it happens, and if you have ever written to me, through email, or on twitter or facebook, or wherever, I want you to know that I really, truly appreciate it, more than I can ever say.

(Especially if you're shy, because I'm really, really shy. I have to psych myself up just to click Add Friend on facebook, because I feel like a total stalker dork. So, if you're a shy dork like me, I feel your pain.)

Anyway, I answer all the messages I get with a big fat smile on my face, but since there actually seem to be some people who want to connect and be updated, I'm going to attempt to give this blog some mouth to mouth and post some actual words and stuff on here. What the hell, right? They may not be interesting, but at least I can use more than 140 characters and swear as much as I want. And post boy butts.


Also, I guess it's a good place to answer questions, like this one that people keep asking:

When is Part 6 coming out? 

I adore this question, since it means you guys are still excited about Kyle & Juno, even after five parts and 80,000 words. (That's a real number, I just looked it up.) The answer is: As soon as possible, I swear, please don't throw things. 

There was never supposed to be that massive gap between parts 4 & 5. Unfortunately, my life turned into a really lame Lifetime movie there for a while, and Ground Rules got caught in the fray. But, Part 6 (currently without its snappy baseball title, which usually comes last) will definitely be out this summer, in a month that starts with the letter J.

. . .

Yeah, so, anyway, that's me saying Howdy, I'm going to attempt to keep a better blog. You know that feeling you get when you skip school for a week, and then you go back and everyone's staring at you and you forget your locker combination and don't have your gym clothes? Yup.

Once, I was gone for a week, and when I went back, there was a substitute teaching my English class who thought I was the foreign exchange student. Which might have been funny, except he'd subbed for us before, so it just made me feel totally forgettable, despite my weirdo name. And who says I don't have anything interesting to blog about?