Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Bundle Release: Boy Spanks Boy Six Pack

Hey all! It's another blog update! Can you believe it? So, a couple of things to tell you about today!

First, last week was my Authorversary! (As in, my first year self publishing on Amazon, which I guess counts as an anniversary of sorts, even though I've been writing a lot longer than that. Whatever, I'll sign up for any holiday!) So, that's pretty cool. Although I totally didn't even realize it until a friend pointed it out to me. But, that's not so unusual. I've forgotten my own birthday before.

To sort of celebrate that, I've put together a bundle of six spanking shorts-- When He Was Bad, Asking For It, Unacceptable Behavior, Failure to Communicate, Bad Boy, and Rookie Mistake (The first part of the Benched series, which does not end on any kind of cliffhanger, so it can totally be read alone.)

That's a whole lot of spanking! (160 pages, according to Amazon-- who usually lowballs pagecount by quite a bit for ebooks, sadly.)

So, if you'd like to grab six M/M spanking stories in one go, Boy Spanks Boy is available now!

I love short stories, reading and writing them, but don't see any more on the horizon for now-- I've got a huge plate full of longer projects in the works! Along with completing the Benched series, I've got a few novels hanging around here half dressed that I play with every day too. So, it's going to continue to be a very busy year!

Oh! And since we're talking about bundles (well, we were a second ago) I don't think I've posted here that I recently bundled parts 1-3 of the Benched series, for people who prefer to read in big chunks. So, if you're one of those people, you can find that bundle here.

And since we're talking about the Benched series (this time that's totally what we're talking about) I'm super excited about Rebecca Black's review of the series that was featured on Cliterati this week! If Cliterati was a club, I would totally not make it past the bouncers because I am so not cool enough, but I guess Kyle and Juno are, because there it is! ;)

And since we're talking about spanking (when are we not talking about spanking?) I can totally add that I was hanging out on the Spanking4Men site recently (am I a total namedropper or what?) talking about some of my favorite spanking themes in a guest post. (Totally in a fun way, so please, no debates from the dicks in my film studies classes over what a "theme" actually is. ;P )

Anyhow, those are about all the updates I've got for now. So, until next time:


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