Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rebecca Black Erotica Takes a Look at the Benched Series!

The severely talented Rebecca Black has written a gorgeous post about the Benched series over at Unfortunately, I can't post my favorite quotes from it, because I'd just be quoting the whole damn thing! Maybe one little quote:

"I just finished reading Benched #5 Ground Rules and to say this series just keeps getting better is an understatement."

Really, how much better can your day get when someone writes something like that? 

Well, quite a bit better, actually, because that was just the beginning of the post. :)

If you head on over to to the ubersexy Rebecca Black Erotica site, you can read her post, which just might contain a hint or two about what's coming up in the series... ;)

Okay, just one more quote.

"We’d all benefit from someone like Juno in our lives. He is truly one of the sexiest, loveliest characters I’ve read in a long time."

Geez, keep saying things like that, and my ego's going to get as big as Kyle's. ;)

Want to check out the Benched series, or get caught up? You can click over to Amazon for parts 1-5.

Alright, back to work on Part 6. I don't think the boys probably appreciate me leaving them where I did, but I had to blog this! (Hey, that's two days in a row! Might be a record!)