Monday, April 25, 2016

A New Release!!! No, Really! No, REALLY!!! OLD SCHOOL DISCIPLINE is live!

It happened! After a year of radio silence and bullshit, I finally hit publish again. On my longest, spankiest book ever. If you're one of those people who yelled at me to write longer stuff, this 100k filthfest will probably make you happy. That is, if you like spanking. And dirty stuff. And why on earth would you be visiting this blog if you didn't, right? So, lets just get right to it!

I never planned on continuing my pointless education. But then I got arrested. Again. Hey, if those laptops weren’t meant to be stolen, they should have been locked up better.

Somehow, my latest stunt and lousy attitude landed me in Redwood Academy. An exclusive university where they’re supposed to turn screw ups like me into upstanding citizens. Or some crap like that. But, okay, fine. Some lame private college still sounded better than jail. It’s not like I’m footing the bill.

So, what’s the problem?

Well, let me name a few. The dean’s got it out for me, because I might have broken a fairly big rule on day one. Gotta make an impression, right? The troublemaking twink across the hall is obsessed with me, and his overprotective boyfriend doesn’t like that very much. What can I say? It’s hard looking this damn good.

And then there's my roommate.

Bax is a complete psychopath. An obnoxious, dominating bastard with a vicious sneer and massive biceps, and a past no one will talk about. I hate him like hell. Except when I don’t. When he uses those strong hands to punish me in ways I’ve never dreamed of, hate is the last thing on my mind.

Oh, did I forget to mention the spanking? See, Redwood’s all about the old school discipline. And, apparently, so am I. Because getting bent over and spanked by my roommate is pushing buttons I never knew I had.

Any normal person would be planning a jailbreak, I guess. Believe me, I’m tempted. But I’m starting to think I might actually belong here. Even worse, that I might
want to belong. To Bax. And that’s definitely a problem.

* * *

This is a spanking book, straight up, no joke, people. A sexy, soapy story for serious spankos. It's not for everyone, don’t say I didn’t warn you. If male/male spanking, stern lectures, humiliation, school uniforms, hardcore teasing, asshole roommates, adorable kleptomaniacs, college guys with angsty feelings, angry blowjobs, sexy dares, surprise pain kink, accidental panty kink, second-hand daddy kink, or a main character who loves cafeteria food, smoking weed, and generally being a ridiculous bastard offends you in any way, you should skip the book. (And if that doesn’t scare you off, it’s also first person.)
If, on the other hand, you can't get enough of those things, Old School Discipline is here!
This is an enemies to lovers story and ends with an HFN/HEA-- after a lot of enemy time. But it's really too dirty and smut driven to call a romance. If you want mushy stuff, you'll have to wait for the next book. ;)
Length: 326 pages / 100,000 words (No, really.)
Status: LIVE!!!
Available: Amazon/KU

I'm testing out KU currently, and I've enrolled this book for one term. So, for the next 3 months, it will be exclusively on Amazon. And through the rest of April, you can grab it at the Fuck Yeah New Release price of 99 cents!

Now, I have to go embarrass the hell out of myself doing a bit of promo for this thing, but I'm already back at work. I'll update on what's coming up shortly!
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