Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hey, Misha, Whatcha Workin On?

Hey, folks, it's another blog post. Two in the same year, can you believe it? I have no idea who all you people are who visit here every day, but wow, you are some patient folks! <3 (By the way, whoever found their way to this blog by googling "sexy horse butts" I hope you found what you were looking for, although you probably didn't find it here.)

Well. So, this will be a quick blog about work in progress, while I procrastinate over my current work in progress. After putting some stuff back in KU this past week, and running some promos on the Smart Boy Series, I got some emails from people asking if there was ever going to be another Josh and Damon story. The short answer to that question is yes. The long answer is that AJ is living overseas now, and his job makes it hard to us to keep in touch as much as we'd like, so while a sequel is in the works, it's on the back burner until summer. So, what's on the front burner? Well, that's the big question, right? Here's the big answer:

While I was cleaning up my office (read: tiny corner of bedroom) a couple weeks ago, I stacked all my current editing in one big pile. It was so ridiculous, I had to take a picture. For reference, that blank and white spotted thing is my kindle. This stack is about five inches high, and it's all the stuff I'm currently in the process of editing. (Once something gets to beginning, middle, and end in decent shape, I print out and start editing by hand. It's like unlocking a whole new section of my brain. I used to write everything by hand, I've adapted somewhat, but it's still a huge part of the process.)

Everything in this stack is stuff I wrote over the last year. It's stuff I'd love to edit & publish this year, but I'm taking it one step at a time. Life is pretty tough right now, so I'm focusing on doing what I can instead of what I want to.

As you can see, there are a zillion things here. The projects with wordcounts have wordcounts only because those are the files I have open every day, so I know them offhand. Except for the thing labeled Dirty Short Stories, these are all novella/novel length projects. I know everyone's sick of me writing short stories, so I'm done with the uphill battles, lol. (Okay, I might have one more short story to publish, I'm still thinking about it.)

The Benched series is technically done. And extremely fucking long, and needs about a month of editing to make it what I want. I'll be picking that up again soon, but not quite yet. To be perfectly honest, I had to put Kyle & Juno on hold because I love them so damn much. This last year has been so hard, and I've been so overwhelmed with rage and depression and anxiety that I had to step away from them. Their story isn't like that, and every time I tried to work through edits last spring and summer, it just kept turning into something it wasn't. So it's been sitting there waiting for me to work through some shit.

Luckily, I have some mean, nasty boys in my head who were more than willing to help me work through some shit, with their stories full of rage and anxiety and angry sex, and a whole lot of spanking (naturally)!

Up in the right corner of that photo is the thing that's coming up next. (Just sent to my new editor/love of my life, so barring the end of the world, expect Old School Discipline before the month is through!)

If you like spanking, I mean, really, really, really like spanking, and you like assholes who refuse to admit they like each other no matter how obvious it is, you might like this one. The wordcount is not a typo. It's really long. It's also completely over the top spankophile erotica soap opera stuff, so if you're waiting for the romance this really isn't it, although it is heavy on the feels. I pretty much wrote this because I really wanted to read it and desperately needed a break from reality. And because I hate money and good reviews. But, that's okay. Sometimes you have to write one of those. And maybe a spinoff. ;)

Under that is the next book on the list. Some of you probably read The Brat at the Bar, a 10k short about Brett & Landon, two guys who used to be stepbrothers and meet again a few years later at a bar. (Spanking & fucking ensues, naturally.) That story prompted a whole lot of I wish this was a novel comments, which always kind of stuck in my head. Last year, those guys started talking again. They were exactly what I needed to write about. Two angry guys with a lot of issues they didn't feel like sharing. So, I started writing. And writing. And writing. Until, eventually, they did start sharing. And not just about sex.

Their story has helped me feel more like a human again, and definitely veers back over toward the romance side of things. (Don't worry. Still lots of sex. And spanking. And guitar cable bondage. And sexy laundry room antics.) I'd love to give you a release date on this one, but the last half of this month is going to be rough, so I'll just say soon. (FYI, that short story's been unpublished, the novel will be published with a new title. I'm 99% sure what it will be, but not announcing it yet.)

After that, I'm diving headfirst back into editing the rest of the Benched series, and won't be coming back up until Kyle & Juno get their HEA. I know everyone is waiting for that, and I promise it's coming! :)

And then, well, as you can see, there's plenty to keep me busy for a while. But for those of you asking about Josh & Damon, the sequel we have planned is a novel length one, it's sketched out and about 20k. AJ will be back in the states this summer for a few weeks, so we'll be meeting up to do some hardcore work on it. :)

(If you haven't read the three part Smart Boy series that's out now, it stands on it's own as a complete story with an HFN. ) But, like anything with an HFN (or an HEA) sometimes there's another story you can tell. Especially when people ask for it. The Smart Boy never-supposed-to-be-a-series series is the perfect example of that, after all! <3

I'm also currently making a mess of my catalog while I'm moving things in and out of KU, so sorry about that. I'm sure you're going to run into some links that aren't working and stories that have gone missing. The KU exclusivity really fucks with stuff, especially when bundles are involved. I'll do my best to not take forever sorting things out. As usual, I'm a disaster, so thanks for being patient. :)

This week I finished a short story that I'm not sure I'm going to publish (because that's a good use of editing time). It doesn't have any kind of happy ending (well, it has that kind of happy ending) and it's basically just two miserable people having angry sex. And there's sort of, not really cheating. Did I mention it's a short story? I mean, I should just kick myself in the face, right? Are we clear on the fact that I can't write to market and have no interest in even trying? You guys got that, right? I'm talking to you, sexy horse butts.

So, yeah. Still working that out.

This will be my last blog post for a bit. My grandpa's having surgery this week, so I'm heading back down to stay with my grandma and then help him get settled back in when he gets home. I'm the main caregiver in my family, so that stuff takes over sometimes. Positive/negative, their teeny tiny town gets spotty internet connection at best, so hopefully I'll be jamming in some more editing time latenights instead of dicking around online. As I do.

Anyhow. That's a blog!

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