Thursday, April 7, 2016

Josh & Damon Get Experimental... Taking another look at KU (I know, I know)

Well, it's a new year (Sort of. It's a fresh start to a new year for my anyway, but my timeline is skewed) and it's time to try some new things. You all know I have a love/hate relationship with KU.

I hate the way Amazon jerks around authors who are enrolled in it and the way they punish authors who aren't. It's a damaged system, and not likely to be repaired any time soon, if ever. I hate that it's exclusive, which means you're not reaching readers on other platforms. On the other hand, I love that it gives readers who truly can't afford more than $10 a month a chance to read to their heart's content.

When I was a kid, my book budget was zero. Books were a luxury, and there were no luxuries in my house until you could afford your own. I could check out a book every week from the school library, but just one. And that lasted me a few hours. So, I read anything that was around. Most of it completely inappropriate for me, since I caught the reading bug around age four, and was surrounded my adult books. (Make of that what you will. :P)

Most of what my mom read were romance novels. So, I read those. My grandma read Ellery Queen mysteries and subscribed to every Redbook/Better Homes and Gardens/McCalls type magazine ever. I read those cover to cover. (They used to have short stories in them, which is maybe why I think know short stories are awesome.) I read my English textbooks, because they were filled with stories too. (And by the time we got to each story in class, I was super bored, since I'd read them already.)

When you're that young, and that obsessed with reading, it's hard to go unnoticed. So, I became the weird girl that read everything, and people started giving me books. The hippie lady next door gave me a bunch of paperbacks based on 60s sitcoms I'd never seen. The humor was completely lost on me, but I read them. My aunt gave me all of my cousin's Mad magazines from the 70s. They smelled like grass clippings, because they'd been stored in the garage next to the lawnmower for years, and sort of made my nauseous while I was reading them, but I didn't care. (Again, a lot of the humor lost on me-- it's the 80's, I'm seven-- but I'm starting to get it.)

My other grandmother saved all her tabloids and sent them to me in huge boxes. I read more than you can imagine about Elvis and Bigfoot sightings and alien abductions, She always filled out all the crossword puzzles in pencil, and then erased them before she sent them to me, so I could do them myself. She also started sending me a ten dollar check (for a poor kid in the 80s, that was basically a zillion dollars) every month to spend on these:

You all remember these, right? Books delivered right to your classroom??? (And pencils and posters and stickers and bookmarks if you were crazy enough to spend your book money on those.) I guarantee I bought that book on the bottom right about the dollhouse. Dollhouses were my crack.

So, what the fuck is this long, rambling post about, Misha? Well, it's about me trying to find a balance between KU and not KU. Personally, KU wasn't a good fit for me as a reader. I cancelled after a few months because my TBR pile is already so big, and my reading time is already so small. But, I'm not your average reader. I'm not your average anything.

I do know that a lot of readers live and die by KU, because they can't afford reading any other way. I have to respect that. I do respect that, and I want to be able to connect with those readers too. I know I can't make everyone happy. Not myself, and KU readers and non KU readers/readers on other platforms. But I'm going to try and do some experimenting, moving some things back in and seeing how it works out. I have new releases coming up shortly, so it's time to take a closer look at things. Can't really do that without seeing what KU can do these days. So, let the experimenting begin. :)

And now, the lead, buried at the bottom. As I do.

Since they're the adventurous, experimental type, Josh & Damon have enrolled in KU for a term. If you're into dirty, kinky college guys, you can grab the Smart Boy trilogy for 99c/KU through April 15th. This is erotica, guys. Filthy, dirty erotica... with an HFN, but it's still erotica. At least, it was supposed to be. Some people still try to tell me it's a sweet love story. Just don't tell Josh & Damon that.

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