Friday, April 29, 2016

Old School Discipline is a Best Seller! Thank You! :)

Okay, I have no idea what the fuck happened here. This book I kinda sorta wrote for myself in an effort to keep myself sane and entertained last year, which I really did not expect anyone else to read or even be interested in, is #1 in Gay Erotica right now and has gotten a little Best Seller tag from Amazon. I'm truly in shock that there are so many kinky people out there, lol!

 Thank you all a million times over for reading this book! You have no idea how amazed and overwhelmed I am right now! I soooo appreciate all the posting and tweeting and sharing and reading and nice thoughts and emails! This is just amazing, and I am forever, ever, ever grateful!

I'm still pretty sure this is going to end up being some practical joke or something, and I'm sure this is a blink and you'll miss it kind of moment, but, for posterity, here's the pretty, pretty ribbon!

If you feel like checking this out and haven't, it's still 99 cents through the end of the month! (Tomorrow, April 30) This has been such an awesome release week! Thank you all so much!

Okay, just had to post that and share and thank you all! :) Now it's back to work polishing up the next release which is coming ASAP! More on that soon!


  1. Hi! I literally devoured this book! I even read at work, that's how much I loved it! any chances of a sequel of sorts? xD I know you just published this one but really, so much potential!

  2. Wow, thank you so much! I'm seriously giddy over the thought of someone reading my book at work, I've done that so many times, lol!

    I guess at this point, it's safe to officially say there will definitely be another book in the series, probably more than one. :) I'm trying to sort out my summer schedule now, and figure out how to add more hours to the day so I can finish the 9 million projects I have going on. ;)

    I'll try to post something more official soon, but short answer, yup, there's more coming, I promise! Thanks so much for reading, and for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it. That's just the nicest thing you can do & it completely made me day!

    1. Hello again! I'm so glad to hear that! Even though the book is 300+ pages long, I never felt it, and the ending came too soon :'( when they're finally cuddling together, you can't just finish it right there! There is so much more, like what is Alex going to study, or what the hell is Baxter studying, or Harry's book, or what's the next step in Alex apparently never-ending pain scale.

      So thank you again, I'm so excited about the future sequel(s)! Need more Alex and Bax in my life, they just left a few days ago and I miss them so much already.

    2. Thanks so much for that! It's been a really nice surprise to have people say it didn't feel like 300+ pages, instead of it was too damn long, lol.

      Everything you mentioned is definitely stuff that will be making its way into the next book(s). There might even be more cuddling. ;) I think you're actually the first person to mention Harry's romance novel, which totally makes me smile, because I'm having so much fun playing around with that!

      I promise the guys will be back as soon as possible. :) (To be totally honest, I'm already sneaking in a little time with them when I need to be wrapping up other projects, because I'm missing them too! But, don't tell anyone I said that! ;))


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