Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Surprise! It's a book! Not So Smart is Live!

An angsty virgin who might be a little twisted.
A moody manwhore who might be a little lonely.
All they wanted was to use each other for one dirty, kinky night.
Feelings were absolutely not part of the plan.

“It wasn’t obsession, exactly. Except, it probably was.”
Damon Price is a brutally hot, ripply muscled, scarily confident, dimpled god. Without his hard body to stare at three times a week, I probably would have dropped out of college months ago. Too bad he doesn't know I exist. But, even if he did know, even if it was true that he screwed anything and everything that moved, an awkward virgin like me would still be at the bottom of his to-do list.
Even if he knew the kind of filthy stuff I actually wanted.
Even if he knew the last thing I need is any kind of relationship.
“I never meant to fuck a virgin.”
I should have been out the door the second that word came out of his mouth. A virgin was not what I was looking for. Except, damn, he knew how to talk. Knew how to say things so off-the-grid dirty I hardly knew what to say back. And talk wasn’t all he knew how to do. There’s kinky, and then there’s crazy, and then, apparently, there’s Josh Holloway-- who’s up for anything.
And who I definitely should not still be thinking about.
Because the last thing I need is any kind of relationship.
NOT SO SMART is a 52,000 word enemies-to- (still-mostly-enemies-but-also-) lovers novel, featuring messed up college guys who are great at lying to themselves, wall to wall sex, naked guitar playing, inappropriate library behavior, inappropriate dressing room behavior, inappropriate tube sock behavior, bondage, spanking, little bit of shoplifting, and some very unwelcome romantic feelings.
This is the first book in the NOT SO series. It is a self contained story with no cliffhanger, but it's not really a standalone, since the series continues, and should be read in order. Book 2, NOT SO NICE releases soon.
NOT SO SMART is based on a previously published short story series (Smart Boy). It has been substantially re-edited and expanded by 30,000 words.

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For anyone who read the old Smart Boy short stories, you probably recognize Josh and Damon. :) This novel is based on those original three shorts, and we left in the best parts, but it's been completely overhauled, and expanded by about 30,000 words (most of them dirty and angsty). So now, it's a full length novel! (And if you never read those original stories, well, I guess now you know a fun bit of trivia, lol.)
I know you guys have been asking for more Josh and Damon for a long time, and I am SO excited to bring them back with this book.
Happy Reading!
PS- Everyone waiting for more Kyle & Juno and more Bax & Alex, I promise I haven't forgotten about them! 2017 is going to be a super busy year for releases! Thanks for being patient with me! :)

ETA- Publish dates on books 2 & 3 of the Not So series have been slightly delayed. Apologies, and I appreciate your understanding.