Benched is a 9 part erotic romance series that follows Kyle Kelley, a cocky college freshman, as he struggles with a baseball coach he thinks is way too tough, a team that's not sure he deserves to be there, parents who have no clue who he is, a first love that takes him completely by surprise, and a newfound addiction to being spanked.

Benched is a sweet, kinky, fun, dirty series about two college ballplayers who discover themselves and each other. And spanking. Seriously, there's lots of spanking.

Each installment is a complete story, but should be read in order, like a television show. Books 1-6 are available now! Because of recent changes to Amazon/KU, the Benched books are currently only available in three book bundles. Apologies for any inconvenience.

The Benched series is currently exclusive to Amazon and available to borrow with Kindle Unlimited.


Kyle Kelley is a center fielder with an ego as big as his potential. He’s always been the star of his team, the star of his school, the star of his town. But he’s finding out college is different.

For one, his new coach is a total jerk. Mackey accuses him of slacking off at practice, expects him to follow every stupid rule, and benches him during a game, just for mouthing off. It's like he doesn't even appreciate how lucky he is to have someone like Kyle on his team-- and Kyle's getting pretty sick of being treated like just another player.

When his teammates warn him about the old fashioned way Coach Mackey disciplines rookies with bad attitudes, Kyle's sure they're just messing with him. Mostly sure. But, he's not exactly sure what to make of his own reaction to the idea.

For some reason, being turned over his gorgeous coach's knee sounds more appealing every time he thinks about it. And Kyle might not be that great at following rules, but he's damn good at getting what he wants. Even if he's not sure why he wants it.

Length: Approx 10,000 words/40 pages 



After a stern lecture and a hard spanking, Kyle's managed to stay out of trouble with Coach Mackey for two weeks. Two long weeks of desperately wanting to be put back over his coach's knee. He can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t study— he feels like he’s losing his mind.

When he blurts out the whole story to his gorgeous teammate, Juno, he never expects Juno to make a confession of his own. It turns out Mackey isn’t the only one who thinks Kyle needs a good spanking. And Juno can think of a few other things he’d like to do to him, if Kyle's interested...

Double Play features bratty behavior, hard spankings, an awkward first date, an even more awkward confession, and some sweet and steamy sexual situations between hot, kinky college jocks.

Length: Approx 17,000 words/68 pages



After Kyle’s manipulative behavior leads to the last thing he expected, he and Juno spend the weekend exploring their new relationship, in and out of bed. While Juno definitely shares his spanking kink, Kyle isn't completely convinced that he can give him the kind of serious discipline he craves-- or if he can even figure out how to ask for it.

But when Kyle loses his temper with a rival athlete at The Circle, Juno promises him some very real consequences. And Kyle might be in more trouble than he thinks.
The third installment of this sizzling spanking series contains smut galore as two dirty college ballplayers experiment with each other for the first time. Includes explicit M/M sexual situations, and, of course, lots of spanking.

Length: Approx 15,000 words/60 pages



This boxed set includes books 1-3 of the jocktastic, spankalicious M/M series, BENCHED.

Get Rookie Mistake, Double Play, and Out By a Mile in a three inning bundle at a major league discount.

Length: Approx 42,000 words/168 pages  
Currently exclusive to Amazon and available through Kindle Unlimited.  



When Mackey finds out about Kyle's drunken bar fight, Kyle is sure he's finally going to feel the sting of his coach's paddle-- and he's not completely dreading it. There's only one problem. Juno isn't about to let that happen.

Juno's ready to make Kyle his full time responsibility, and he doesn't want Mackey anywhere near his misbehaving boyfriend. But what he proposes takes Kyle completely by surprise.

And Kyle has a few surprises of his own...

Big decisions, dirty secrets, sexy spankings, and more than a little hot gay jock action are waiting for you in BENCHED #4: SCORING POSITION.

Length: Approx 18,000 words/72 pages



Moving in with Juno is probably the stupidest thing Kyle has ever done. Or, maybe the best, he can't decide. Either way, the perks are incredible. As long as he behaves himself.

But, when a grueling practice leads to a complicated meeting with Mackey, and a call to home roughs up his already bruised ego, Kyle does what he does best to avoid thinking about things-- whatever the hell he wants.

It doesn't take long to find out what belonging to Juno really means. Rules aren't just for playing games. Sometimes they're serious.

Part 5 of the Benched series features mild angst, tender moments, sarcastic pillow talk, scorching hot sex, well needed spankings, and further exploration of the desire for discipline. Get ready to learn the Ground Rules.

Length: Approx 24,000 words/96pages



There’s not much Kyle doesn’t love about living with Juno, about falling asleep beside him and waking up next to him, and always having someone to hold on to. But, when it comes to unpacking, something just won’t compute. He’d rather start over, and pretend nothing in those boxes ever existed.

When a storm brings up annoying memories, and he falls back into bad habits, Kyle struggles to keep his new life on track. But Moss’s run in with Burkett makes him realize he might never be able to shake his past, no matter where he lives.

As the rain beats down, and the outside world gets put on hold, it looks like there’s a lot more to unpack than just boxes.

Benched #6: Rain Delay is a sticky sweet angst-fest featuring wet tshirts, terrible jokes, first kisses in the rain, a well worn wooden spoon, and lots of sweet romance stuff.   

Length: Approx 25,000 words/100 pages


This boxed set includes books 4-6 of the jocktastic, spankalicious M/M series, BENCHED.

Get Scoring Position, Ground Rules, and Rain Delay in a three inning bundle at a major league discount.

Length: Approx 67,000 words/268 pages  
Currently exclusive to Amazon and available through Kindle Unlimited.

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